RJ McCarty

"Like the Allman Brothers, and Avett Brothers, and the Wood brothers had another brother!"

RJ McCarty is a force of music. Intricate folk/americana-inspired songwriting supported by a diverse variety of instrumentation lays ground for gritty, authentic vocals to paint over; which brings to life a surreal-yet-familiar world that exists within us all.

RJ cut his teeth as a kid in the music scene, and has lately been touring internationally in England, Canada, and the United States as an original act in support of his newest release "Tear Back The Sheets": a 7-track record, upon which he played every instrument.

He can also be found touring as a multi-instrumentalist for the critically-acclaimed psychedelic folk band, The Slambovian Circus of Dreams.

He draws inspiration from the flowing, playful vocals of Van Morrison, to the deep-rooted, soulful dirt and heart of Sister Rosetta Tharpe; as well as the world and phenomena surrounding and within them. Toss in Dr John's ivory keys, shapeshifting guitar-slingin' that bends with the music, and an old Hammond organ that will lift you off your seat -- it all comes together for a dynamic live show!

2023's Album Of The Year” - Neil Jones

Smart Radio 101, United Kingdom

With powerful vocals and from-the-heart lyrics, RJ McCarty has quickly lit an intense fuse within the music scene. One of New England's best undiscovered talents!” - Chip McCabe

Wrong Side of the Tracks Radio, Connecticut

Tear Back The Sheets, the first release from multi-instrumentalist RJ McCarty is a 7-track gem of a record. Exploring mature themes not expected from such a young musician, RJ has delivered an amazing introduction to what surely will become a very successful story.” - Jeffrey Rusch

The Crow's Nest on WNTI Radio, New Jersey

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I can perform solo or as a duo, trio or quartet to meet whatever needs your venue/event might have!

Also available for:

  • Lessons
  • Weddings
  • Session Work
  • House Concerts
  • Birthdays (all ages!)
  • Retirement/Senior Homes
  • Instrumental “Dinner Music” 
  • Funerals (yeah, we do those too)

Email rjmccartymusician@gmail.com for all booking inquiries!